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What we do

We are a Canadian company who works with national and international organizations to help them design, develop, release and scale training and learning platforms that deliver results.

We excel at creating hyper-relevant content that more effectively connects with audiences and delivers critical information more clearly and compellingly. This content is effective when delivered in an office or classroom group setting but also allows teachers, students, employees etc. to learn on their devices at a pace and a place that works for them.


We link that content with real-time powerful analytics that measurably and conclusively demonstrate what target audiences have and have not learned. We use these insights to constantly adapt upcoming programs and content, ensuring everyone stays on track.

This continuous feedback loop of content > results > adapting content allows us to measure the impact of our platform not by what has been delivered to audiences but by what we know they have learned.

Originally developed for corporate training and internal capacity building, our platform has expanded to include both the education and athletic development industries.

Our proof is in our results. On average, compared to traditional training formats and approaches, we are able to double how much an individual can learn in the same amount of time.

Who We Are


We are a team of Canadians who are driven to help individuals, companies and organizations reach their full potential.

Through capacity-building, trainings, partnerships, joint ventures and investments in scalable and sustainable businesses we seek to grow our company and platform both in Canada and around the world.

India Launch Partner


ElevateX Performance Institute

ElevateX has been working at the leading edge of sports and education development in India for the last decade. Led by James Matthews and with partnerships with global names in sports, business and entertainment, ElevateX is a powerhouse of ideas, talent and success.

Kid Powered is incredibly excited to have partnered with ElevateX and together we are incorporating our platform into the work that they are doing in educational all across India.


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